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ORE Stealth Client is the Future Home of Blockchain Gaming


ORE Stealth Gaming Client provides Game Developers direct access to Gamers and Gamers access to their gear. The ORE Stealth Client supports PC, Linux, and Mac. Our goal is to create the most cohesive Blockchain Gaming experience available. The ORE Stealth Client integrates Blockchain Game support, patching, and storage for Game Developers. Simplifying the Game Development Lifecycle. ORE Supported Games can qualify for special programs, but the ORE SDK integration is NOT required for Game Developers to access the ORE Stealth platform. 

We support ALL Blockchain-Based Gaming!

What is ORE System?


ORE is a community of Gamers, Content Creators, and Game Developers.

We ARE the future.

The ORE System is next-generation blockchain technology that creates value for content creators, collectors, and studios.

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2.6 Billion People that play video games

"You have 2.6 billion people that play video games, and thousands of studios that all have digital assets and a digital IP. Within video gaming, tokenization is a 40-year-old concept.  The founders of Blockchain Capital had great success trading digital assets in Second Life.  They then used that experience to identify value in a brand new digital currency, Bitcoin, and heavily invested into it."

- Josh Chapman

Putting real-world value on digital in-game assets

"The video game industry is enjoying massive growth, valued at over $162 billion today and expected to surge to $295 billion worldwide over the next five years.  Bitcoin has been on a wild ride this year.  At the start of 2021, the price was around $29,000, which skyrocked to all-time highs over $63,000 in mid-April."


-Mik Mironov

In-Games assets can cost thousands of dollars

"It's pegging your sword or gun to the blockchain, allowing you to own it and take it out of the game and sell it on the open market for a profit.  People can't do that now."

-Craig Russo


Our outdated predecessors directly impact the user experience and reduce revenue.


ORE System simplifies Blockchain and uses the much faster and cheaper Binance Smart Chain. Leveraging current and bleeding-edge technologies, ORE System ensures a complete end-to-end solution for Gamers, Creators, and Developers. This experience reduces the production time of blockchain-based game development and increases the core user pool to integrate direct value to Gamers and Content Creators.


Game Studios and Developers will find The ORE Forge simple, intuitive, and quick in their quest to tame the Blockchain in their games. The ORE Forge provides access to the creation, minting, and status of NFT items, both fungible and non-fungible, to help each team achieve their goals.

Content Creators

Content Creators, Musicians, Artists, Sound Engineers, 3D modelers, and every Creator that wants to create and distribute assets for use by Developers and Gamers in ORE Supported Games. The ORE Forge provides an interface for Game Developers to shop for licensed NFT items that can be directly integrated into their games. From Music to Skins or other types of art if it is created on The ORE Forge it can be integrated into a game. This provides Content Creators the ability to create a royalty program that works best for them.


Whether you need to find that Epic Sword or looking to sell 100 Chickens, The ORE Forge is the Gamers Marketplace. Each user can find and follow their favorite Developers and Creators, see their new posts, new content, or other announcements. Buying, selling, or trading their in-game items. Save their items and interact with the active community and so much more!

ORE Token Next-Gen Gaming Token


The ORE Token is a Next-Gen Gaming BSC Token that is available to everyone for use in ORE System Supported Games, Websites, Applications, and The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace. The ORE Token is the ONLY Smart Contract based Blockchain Token made specifically for Gamers by Gamers.

The ORE Token is NOW AVAILABLE on The ORE System Shop!!




The FIRST Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter with integrated ORE SDK and ORE Forge NFTs!

During this period, our hero witnessed a series of gruesome traumatic events as the population, indoctrinated with intense memetics during the insurgency, seethed with brutal, violent anarchy. The corporate puppet masters continued their meme campaign and were eventually recognized as being the only legitimate source of power in the region.

Though our hero tried to be a decent human, helping in the ways we might expect a modern beat cop to do, the fact is that the struggle to survive was much more reasonable when you were on the corporate payroll. Thus, a "hero" becomes increasingly involved in corporate terror ops and eventually "rebel suppression."

Our hero wants to escape this life. Jaded and haunted by PTSD that he can't afford the psycho-surgery to forget. He is forced to hide behind carefully crafted masks with everyone. This is no easy task when your boss has routine access to your digital ego backup, and the "civilians" are just one or two insightful mesh queries away from discovering that you have always been on the wrong side of justice.

Coming Soon to PC, Linux, and XBox

ORE Forge NFT Marketplace


ORE System has created the ORE Forge NFT Marketplace to provide Game Developers the ability to create their in-game NFT items with a few simple clicks. Each item can hold a real-world value and incentives Gamers to collect, trade, and own the game items. Gamers can use The ORE Forge for auctioning, selling, or buying their game collectibles continuing to build support for each Developer. Content Creators can leverage The ORE Forge to generate content available to Developers for licensing and purchase within future ORE supported games. This lifecycle provides a complete ecosystem for Next Generation Gaming and NFTs.

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The ORE System offers Next-Gen NFTs and Development Solutions for Developers. The ORE SDK is the one and only Game Development Ecosystem that provides Gamers, Content Creators, and Game Developers complete access to Blockchain technologies

Reduce Cost, Reduce Time, Increase Fun

ORE Hardware Wallet


The ORE Hardware Wallet in partnership with CoolWallet brings the advanced security and cold storage functionality to The ORE System. The ORE Hardware Wallet is an integrated security smart chip system in the size of a credit card. Integrated multi-factor authorization for transfers and purchases.

ORE Hardware Wallet - How do YOU secure your crypto?


ORE System


The ORE System supports Games, Gamers, and Game Creators from all over the globe. Built on a foundation of "By Gamers For Gamers", ORE System can be leveraged by mobile devices, consoles, desktops, and more.

ORE System is White Collar Technology for A Blue Collar World.

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