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ORE Is Always Moving Forward

ORE System has changed and morphed in many ways over the course of its existence. ORE continues to make these forward leaps and we believe this begins with our website. We have begun development on a completely new website and can not wait till it goes live.


While we wait for the new website all of your favorite products and services continue to be available!


Please check out ORE-Spark.com ORE-Forge.comStakes.ORE-System.com and all our great projects!


ORE Token is currently available for purchase on ORE-Forge.com and will be back with the new ORE Shop. Our goal is simplification and ease of use for everyone in our community.


Thank you again for being part of the ORE System Community!


Have questions? Want to know more about ORE System or where the old website went?


Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    ORE Forge NFT Marketplace

    The ORE Forge is a Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace. This marketplace serves as the hub of the ORE System user’s buying, selling, and trading of NFTs and In-game items. The speed and reduction of the cost compared to our competition provide a direct return on investment and user experience.

    ORE Spark NFT Streaming

    ORE Spark provides a streaming platform for the community to find and support musicians, movie makers, podcasters, and others looking to create new content and looking for new or additional sources of revenue. ORE Spark Revenue Shares 80% with all of our creators. The 20% goes to support the platform and architecture.

    ORE Stealth NFT Game Client

    The ORE Stealth provides Gamers and Game Makers a place to buy, sell, and trade their NFT PC/MAC/Linux games and in-game items. Cross-platform support and a huge amount of features. ORE Stealth is the future platform of computer gaming.

    ORE Token

    ORE Token is a video game crypto-currancy built on the Binance Smart Chain. ORE Token is traded on PancakeSwap, Poocoin, and can be found on Crypto.com.

    Looking To Start Your Own?

    ORE System specializes in building tools for blockchain projects in the music, movie, gaming, and NFT markets. Tried and true project management built with over 30 years of corporate experience ensures every project is delivered on time successfully.

    Smart Contract Development

    ORE System can develop your specialized crypto token, DAO, medical records, inventory tracking and any other specialized blockchain technologies for your business.

    White label NFT Music and Movies

    NFT Music and Movies are the hottest trend. ORE System can provide your project a complete white labeled solution to get your project to market faster than any other developer.

    White label NFT Marketplace

    Looking to have your own NFT Marketplace? Want to get to market faster? Looking for tried and true technology?


    ORE System provides a complete NFT Marketplace solution that can fit any project’s budget and size.

    Smart Contract NOC

    Projects deploy and rely upon Smart Contracts in every aspect of their project’s life, but most do not consider what happens after they are deployed. ORE System SCNOC provides 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting with managed Smart Contract Change Management.

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