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ORE System has been featured as subject matter experts for numerous national and international media.

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The Proof of Concept validation NFTs and Blockchain are Next-Gen

osirisPROTOCOL was launched utilizing the complete ORE System Ecoverse tools including The ORE SDK for Unity, The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace, The ORE Stealth, and The ORE Token.

Built To Showcase Scalability

osirisPROTOCOL was built with Unity Engine and provides a AAA experience and gameplay. osirisPROTOCOL is an Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter that integrates in-game weapons and functional items as NFTs through the ORE SDK Unity Plugin and available on The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace.


osirisPROTOCOL is available by downloading The ORE Stealth client and is available for purchase via The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace.

The future of osirisPROTOCOL will integrate the ORE Black Knight Blockchain and other feature updates and expansions.

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We take support seriously. No question is too small, no answer is too short. We will work with you to bring your dreams
and designs to life. Contact us to get help with your next project.


ORE System provides Gamers, Game Developers, and Content Creators the ability truly own their experience.

Perfect Solution for Your Business Blockchain

ORE System Black Knight is the future backbone of the ORE System Ecoverse and can be leveraged to power your enterprise software as well. ORE System has developed a  private managed Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network that provides a number of key benefits.

  • Security Focused Known Identity Based Data and User Management
  • Enterprise Grade Speed Reaching 20,000 Transactions Per Second
  • NO Layer 1 Crypto Coin or Token Means No SEC Restrictions
  • Private Data Segmentation And Access Controls Managed By x.509 Certificates
  • 99.9% Uptime and Architecture Management
  • Multi-Vendor Blockchain Architecture for Scalability, Speed, and Stability
  • Scale To Your Business Or Gaming Needs

ORE System strives to bring white-collar technologies to blue-collar users. Technology should not be out of reach for anyone and we specialize in making blockchain, metaverse, and bleeding-edge technologies simple.

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