Content Creators Dreamers, Artists, Musicians, Sound Engineers, And Other Creators

Content Creators, Musicians, Artists, Sound Engineers, 3D modelers and every Creator that wants to create and distribute assets for use by Developers and Gamers in ORE Supported Games. The ORE Forge provides an interface for Game Developers to shop for licensed NFT items that can be directly integrated in their games. From Music to Skins or other types of art if it is created on The ORE Forge it can be integrated in a game. This provides Content Creators the ability to create a royalty program that works best for them.

No longer is the day when a Musician is only paid when the first purchase is made. The ORE Forge creates an ALL NEW Licensing Model for digital in-game assets. Now should a studio have an NFT license they can be traded between Developers, Game Studios, and Gamers alike and the Content Creator receives the associated Royalty Fee for the life of the NFT. Game Creators can decide if the NFT is only available for a single license or can be traded freely. Full control of the Licensing and Pricing is provided to each Content Creator.

Control Your Content

ORE Forge is an open NFT Marketplace for Videos, Movies, Music, and Game Items. Have you ever wanted to monetize your social media in a better way?

NFTs with customizable royalties allow you to OWN your Content Monetization.

  • You Define The Royalties
  • You Own Your Content
  • Reduce Piracy and Distribution with NFT Based DRM Controls
  • Promote Your Community and Build your Social Media Monetization

Why Choose Us?

The ORE Forge is a Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace. This marketplace serves as the hub of the ORE System user’s buying, selling, and trading of NFTs and In-game items. The speed and reduction of cost compared to our competition provide a direct return on investment and user experience.

  • Mint your own NFTs
  • Leverage the speed and economy of The Binance Smart Chain
  • You define the royalties that work best for you, your game, your users
  • Own Your In-game Items

The ORE Forge provides users the ability to buy NFTs, in-game items, games, music, movies, and more leveraging a community-driven and open licensing model. Freedom of ownership is the only true freedom. By leveraging The ORE Forge to license content for use between gamers, content creators, and game developers allows the community to support each other to create greatness.

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