Thread Thine Path With A Careful Step

How Does The ORE System Work?

The ORE System is developed around a BEP20 Upgradeable and Managed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token Contract and a BEP1155 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) NFT Contract. These smart contracts are developed, managed, and maintained by the ORE System Management Group and Development Team. This long-term support of the contracts and project ensure that NFTs, Games, and Tokens will live on long into the future.

ORE is a key element in many games from MMORPGs to Survival Games; it represents not just a particular resource group, but in the abstract, ORE represents all resources that the player must access and manage. The ORE System can be used by developers as the core BSC integration for their next AAA game. While managing access to digital assets across platforms and games efficiently from a single interface!

Developed For Scale

The ORE System has been engineered for Unity, Unreal, and Microsoft to provide support for The ORE SDK’s integration into the next generation of gaming. The ORE SDK provides developers with a packaged library of code through the Unity Asset Store, The Unreal Marketplace, and Microsoft Visual Studio. The simplicity and speed of The ORE SDK directly reduces the development and delivery time, while integrating bleeding edge technologies.

The ORE System’s game integrated wallet, combined with The ORE Hardware Wallet provides users with seamless access to their game items, both in and outside the game. The ORE System is the FIRST and ONLY Game Development focused system available today that provides each user aspect of gaming a complete user experience.


The ORE Token is a BEP20 Smart Contract that leverages an Upgradeable Standard with integrated tokenomics that directly benefit each holder. The ORE Token processes an 8% transaction fee that distributes 3% to holders, 3% to support the project, and 2% are burnt and destroyed forever. This reduces the available total tokens in circulation and increases the individual token value.

The ORE Forge leverages a BEP1155 NFT Smart Contract that allows Developers and Content Creators to create multiple types of NFTs. These can be very unique and rare 1 of 1 items, or these can be mass quantities or multiples of an item.

This unique diversity provides creators endless abilities to mix and match their required implementation of NFT items for their game. The ORE Forge provides an intuitive and simple interface for both users and creators to upload and mint their NFT items directly to The ORE Forge. The items can then be placed for sale or auction to all ORE System users, or can be held by the Developer to use within the ORE System Integrated game. The power of the ORE SDK allows Game Developers to integrate these items in a single line of code.
Developers interact with the user’s ORE Tokens and ORE NFTs in seconds!