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The  ORE Stealth Client will be the Gateway for Blockchain Gaming. From ORE SDK  integrated games to Ethereum based gaming, and other bleeding-edge game developers, The ORE Stealth Client gives gamers access to them all.

Based on the goal of supporting and providing Blockchain Game Developers direct access to their Gamers, The ORE Stealth Client is the single platform for Windows, Linux, and Mac Blockchain Gaming.



ORE Stealth brings all Blockchain based games to a single location. This simplifies access to YOUR favorite games.

Keep your ORE Stealth Games always up to date.

Track all of your in-game activities, hours played, achievements, games owned across all supported platforms.

Saves are automatically backed up to the Cloud and are synced between computers.

Install, Update, and Launch any ORE Stealth game from any platform.

The ORE Forge NFT Marketplace is integrated to buy, sell, trade directly in ORE Stealth.

ORE Stealth Games will be licensed and managed by ORE Forge NFT licenses.

ORE Token remains the integrated game token for use within ORE Stealth.

CoinMarketCap API integrated to track the current status of The ORE Token directly in ORE Stealth.

ORE SDK Integrated Games can share ORE Forge content natively between games.

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