ORE System



ORE System specializes in Blockchain Integration, Metaverse and Game Development, and Hosted Managed Blockchain Solutions.


ORE System provides a complete toolset for blockchain integration and support. 

ORE System simplifies the integration process by providing:

  • The ORE SDK and the ORE Forge NFT Marketplace
  • Integrated ORE Token for full eco-system transactions
  • The ORE Stealth for content and game distribution

Metaverse and Gaming Development solutions

ORE System specializes in creating bleeding edge XR blockchain integration solutions.

Does your team need assistance getting your Metaverse Project to market?

Want to convert or integrate NFTs into your current game?

ORE System provides development support and services for public and private blockchains.


ORE System’s Stealth Game and Content Distribution Client

NFT Based Digital Rights Management and Licensing

Game developers and content creators can insure their content against piracy and copywrite infringement by leveraging the NFT Smart Contract Item ID and Wallet validation for ownership.

Reduced Cost, Increased Features

ORE System was launched on Binance Smart Chain to reduce the overall costs to the users. As ORE System furthers to develop and grow their blockchain architecture Black Knight Hyperledger integration will increase the speed, security, and experience for every user.

Break The Chains of Control

ORE Stealth backed by the ORE Forge NFT Marketplace increases creator revenues by reducing the industry standard of 30% Distribution Revenue model with an unheard of 2.3%!
Metaverse Development
ORE System can bring your metaverse project to life.

Introduce a universal trading standard across Metaverses and unlock the untapped potential of the Metaverse with NFTs that allow users to have full control of their tokens with resale, loyalty, value appreciation, and other benefits.

Metaverse NFT marketplace development

Get a full-featured Metaverse NFT marketplace, where you and your customers could access across blockchains, reliably store, trade, and exchange their virtual real estate as NFTs.

Metaverse game development

Discover the new depth of virtual reality games where AR and (or) VR serve for environment simulation while blockchain ensures that every user’s action in the Metaverse influences the meta world.

Metaverse digital asset development

Order our Metaverse development services to create a virtual representation of your physical product on the Metaverse or a unique item that will exist only on the Metaverse (real estate, custom branded outfits, artwork, and more) that you can own, trade, or exchange.

Metaverse avatars

Stand out with your unique blueprint to highlight your personality by creating your digital avatar that will digitally present you in the virtual world.

Decentralized platforms

Ensure the uninterrupted operation of your Metaverse with a decentralized platform able to store and process large volumes of data produced by multiple dispersed creators simultaneously.


Cutting costs and gaining users is the key to success.

One Client To Rule Them All

ORE Stealth integrates streaming, gaming, and the ORE Forge NFT Marketplace into a single platform.

Game Launcher

Install and launch your ORE System Ecoverse games directly from ORE Stealth no matter your platform with support for PC, Linux, and Mac.

Game Discovery

Follow upcoming releases and discover popular content among your friends in the ORE System Community.

Your Privacy

Designed to protect your privacy. No spyware or data havesting. No data sharing with third parties. Your data belongs to you. With a single click you can remove all of your data from our servers.

The All-in-One Solution

Stream your NFT licensed or owned media content including music, movies, eBooks, and more all from one location.


ORE System Blockchain Solutions Development

Transform your business, disrupt your industry; custom blockchain solutions solve persistent business problems and open new opportunities.

With extensive experience creating and implementing custom blockchain solutions for enterprises operating in multiple verticals and sectors, ORE System can build a DLT tool for you.

Custom blockchain development

Custom public and private blockchains let you deliver services outside your organization, giving you control over user account permissions while you manage payments, transfer data, and reduce counterparty risks.

NFT development

Transform collectibles, such as artwork, music, movies, stamps, or event tickets into unique digital assets for trading and exchange on a tamper-proof blockchain.

Smart contracts

Self-executing, immutable code triggers actions when predetermined conditions are met. Automate payments, transfer of ownership, and information exchange across systems.

DeFi solutions

Reshape your financial application into a transparent, peerless system, self-executing in a decentralized environment without intermediaries.

Digital assets trading

Build your own blockchain solution for trading digital assets to accelerate internal value transfers, buy and sell rapidly across national boundaries, and generate funds for growth.

Digital wallets

Store users’ information safely and securely in encrypted digital wallets, combining convenience with powerful encryption to insure against hacks and theft.

Smart Contracts & Chaincode Development

How can your business benefit from smart contracts?

Smart contracts are blockchain-based programs that perform operations automatically based on certain conditions.
Once a transaction is created, it can never be changed again
All network members validate the output of a smart contract
Smart contracts are triggered without human supervision  

Smart contract applications by industry

By bringing transparency, auditability, and speed to outdated workflows, smart contracts can change the face of many global industries. Take a look at the most prominent use cases.
Ensure compliance with KYC practices across supply chains without sacrificing privacy along with data authenticity, all written in smart contracts.
Safely store patients' medical histories, minimize bureaucracy, and eliminate intermediaries in healthcare institutions by delegating data storage and other functions to smart contracts.
Build a decentralized autonomous bank where borrowers and lenders can meet and make self-enforcing agreements with automatic distribution of assets.
Real Estate
Automate the execution of rental agreements, failure-proof, hands-free, and finalized upon meeting initially agreed terms.
Internet of Things
Track data from IoT devices, harden networks against data loss, and run processes remotely and autonomously with operation triggering.
Perform digital elections, with every vote visible to all participants and candidates immediately elected by the validation of a majority of votes.  
Managed Hyperledger
Blockchain consulting for your business.

ORE System combines strong business planning skills with extensive blockchain tech expertise to deliver consulting services on the business level as well as help tech specialists understand its applications.

We develop solutions that accelerate, facilitate, and secure your business processes through blockchain’s autonomy, distribution, transparency, immutability, and high security.


Blockchain consulting for businesses

We work with you at every stage of the production process, defining and overcoming the specific blockchain adoption and integration challenges your business faces. Our distributed R&D team finds the best way to implement blockchain into your operations, matching your business requirements and long-term strategic goals.

Why choose us for blockchain consulting

Skilled Specialists

Our team of professional developers, project managers, and marketing specialists has deep expertise in delivering cross-functional solutions to meet your requirements.

State of the art technologies

We work with the latest, best-in-class DLT-based tools, delivering exceptional speeds, constant data integrity, high security and scalability to our clients.

Extensive expertise

Everything we’ve learned developing custom blockchain solutions across multiple blockchains and protocols is at your disposal.

Ongoing Support

We consult with you at every step of the implementation process, promptly detecting bottlenecks and potential challenges and dealing with them.


Great Options For Studios And Developers

Before the advent of iOS, software development toolkits (SDKs) were rare commodities for game development. Many companies decided to go it alone with freeware tools and SDKs that they built themselves. The SDK industry has exploded in recent years as both independent developers and AAA studios have begun to use SDKs to speed up their production pipeline. Many SDK providers now offer SDKs specific to gaming platforms or genres, whether MMO toolkits or FPS engine suites. At ORE System, our SDK provides support for any platform supporting development in C#, including Unity and Unreal Engine.

The ORE SDK allows studios and developers to focus on their games and does not require them to be blockchain engineers first. The ORE SDK seamlessly connects with The ORE Forge non-fungible token (NFT) items, allowing developers to simply incorporate their NFT goods into their games with a single line of code. This efficiency allows development studios to speed up the blockchain creation process and reduce overall costs for businesses. The ORE System oversees and manages the blockchain smart contracts, relieving risk and maintenance worries while ensuring uptime and support.

What Is An SDK?

SDKs provide developers with the necessary tools and resources to create applications for a given platform or software. SDKs usually include a set of libraries, developer documentation, samples, and/or tutorials. SDKs are commonly used in conjunction with integrated development environments (IDEs). SDKs can be used to develop desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications, and even firmware. They vary in terms of the platforms they support and the features they offer.

In-Game Currency And NFTs

With the ORE SDK integrated into your game, each item can have a real-world value and incentivize gamers to collect, trade, and own the game items. Gamers can use The ORE Forge to auction, sell, or buy their game collectibles by building loyalty for each developer. Content creators can use the ORE Forge to create content that might be licensed and purchased inside future ORE-supported games. This lifecycle creates a full ecosystem for next-generation gaming and NFTs.

A Seamless Experience

No matter what type of game you’re developing, be it a mobile platformer or online RPG, you want the experience to be seamless for gamers. The ORE System makes it easier for developers to use Blockchain and cutting-edge technology. Developers previously needed to learn the skills and devote months, if not years, of their time to become a Blockchain Engineer or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for an engineer. The ORE SDK offers the solutions you need at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Using ORE System

ORE System is made for ALL Gamers, Content Creators, and Developers

For Individuals

  • Simplified NFT Minting
  • Reduced Gas and Processing Fees
  • Turn Your Content Into A Revenue Stream
  • Public and Private NFT Collections
  • Own Your In-Game Items and Content
  • Keep and Manage Your ORE NFT Collection

For Indie Developers

  • 2.3% Processing Fee
  • Simplified Blockchain Integration
  • Reduced Time To Market with Off the Shelf ORE SDK
  • Forever Revenue Model Through NFTs
  • Access to Licensable Content Through ORE Ecoverse NFTs
  • Support for many platforms including Android, iOS, PC/Linux/Mac, and Xbox

For Enterprises

  • Premium Support and updates
  • Managed Hyperledger As a Service
  • Integration Professional Services for Public and Private Blockchains
  • 99.9% Uptime and Multi-Vendor Architecture
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership and Maintenance
  • Dedicated ORE Engineer and Project Manager


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