Nick Donarski (Kizz MyAnthia)

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick Donarski has spent 20 years working in the InfoSec industry. Experienced with IoT, critical infrastructure and SCADA systems, data forensics, mobile application development and analysis, and machine learning and AI systems. Nick has worked in nearly all areas of technology through his career and has traveled the world through his contributions to the information security community. As an early supporter of the Security BSides events he has been a speaker, a panelist, a staffer, and now a chair of BSidesMSN. Nick has spent his years adding skills and experience through hands-on team leadership roles that provide security opportunities testing bleeding edge technologies from both the offensive and defensive perspective. Believing in the truth of being a Security Partner as opposed to simply a Vendor, Nick works with people from all areas within the IT lifecycle.


Nicholas Donarski (Founder / Managing Partner): Nick Donarski is the technical expert behind ORE Sys, LLC.

  • 23 Years Cyber Security Background
  • Experienced Blockchain Engineer
  • ORE System CTO
  • Technology Visionary


Nicholas Donarski (Founder / Managing Partner): Nick Donarski is the technical expert behind ORE Sys, LLC. He is the inventor of the multi-part ecosystem that is the ORE System comprised of the ORE Token, the ORE Forge, and the ORE SDK. Nick is a cyber security expert holding multiple certifications including MCSE+S, MCSA+S, MCSE, MCSA, MCP, and CEH. Nick is and accomplished penetration tester and has spoken at multiple security conferenced and worked for the biggest names in the industry. He is fluent in numerous programming languages and blockchain technologies including Web3, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, BSC, and Smart Contract Security and Testing. With his impressive cybersecurity career, Nick is a gamer at heart. His passion is to create games for users and help developers to realize their dreams through the use of tools that he has created prompting him to create the ORE Ecosystems to that end.