What Is ORE System?

The ORE System is a next-generation block-chain technology that creates value for content-creators, collectors, and studios with three major components.

  • The ORE Token
  • The ORE Forge
  • The ORE SDK
  • The ORE Stealth

Why? We Needed Blockchain At Scale

As Game Developers we wanted to integrate NFTs for large-scale, next-generation gaming. There are currently no off-the-shelf options for developers that enable direct NFT integration. The current market leader is built on the classic Ethereum network, which has prohibitive Gas fees and multiple currency requirements.

What That Means:

Our outdated predecessors directly impact the user experience and reduce revenue. ORE System simplifies this and uses the much faster and cheaper Binance Smart Chain. Leveraging current and bleeding edge technologies, ORE System ensures a complete end-to-end solution for Gamers, Creators, and Developers. This experience reduces the production time of blockchain based game development and increases the core user pool to integrate direct value to Gamers and Content Creators.

ORE System has created the ORE Forge NFT Marketplace to provide Game Developers the ability to create their in-game NFT items with a few simple clicks. Each item can hold a real-world value and incentives Gamers to collect, trade, and own the game items. Gamers can use The ORE Forge for auctioning, selling, or buying their game collectibles continuing to build support for each Developer. Content Creators can leverage The ORE Forge to generate content available to Developers for licensing and purchase within future ORE supported games. This lifecycle provides a complete ecosystem for Next Generation Gaming and NFTs.

ORE System integrates The ORE Token for Gamers, Content Creators, and Developers to seamlessly and interchangeably use throughout all of the ORE supported games. The ORE Token is also used by Gamers to buy, auction, and sell items on the ORE Forge. The ORE Token provides direct benefits to EVERY holder by distributing 3% of each transaction back to individual holders. Unlike other game currencies or points, ORE Token is worth real money, and should a Gamer ever decide they no longer want to use them, they can be sold back to the exchange. No longer is the Gamer’s money hostage to the game. This free market will not only bolster the increased value of the token, but will raise the value of each developer’s game items in turn.

ORE SDK is the backbone of The ORE System. In one line of code a developer can integrate The ORE Token as an in-game currency without any knowledge of how the blockchain works. Game Developers don’t need to be Blockchain Developers, they can do what they love and make games. The ORE SDK directly integrates with The ORE Forge NFT items, and again allows Developers a single line of code to import their NFT items into their games. This efficiency allows Development Studios the ability to increase the speed of their blockchain development timelines, and reduces the overall cost to the organization. The ORE System maintains and manages the blockchain smart contracts, offloading the risk and maintenance, ensuring uptime and support.